Just Show Up

Our church plant, The Antioch Movement, has recently taken some big steps. We’ve begun the process of multiplying and the  vision that we have been pursuing is being achieved. We are starting to launch multiple Missional Communities and sending people as missionaries to different parts of town.

I’m reminded through this process that 99% of what it means to be on mission with Jesus is to simply show up. Just be there. It doesn’t require special training or some sort of secret knowledge. It simply requires a follower of Jesus to show up and be a follower of Jesus.

All we have to do is show up and love well. We don’t need special programs or outreaches or pamphlets. We just need to be who we are and love people the way that Jesus loves people.

Yesterday at a gathering of high school student athletes I was asked the question, “How do you feel about people who don’t believe in God?” I responded without thinking, “I love them!” It’s true too. My friends who don’t believe in God and some who are hostile to my faith, I love deeply.

Another question that was asked, “How do you keep your faith strong?” My response, “spending time with other Christians, meditating on Scripture, praying, and spending time with people who aren’t Christians.” I think that last thing was a bit of a surprise, even for me. But, there is just something about showing up and being in relationship with people who aren’t Jesus followers that continues to fan the flame of my faith.

Within every Christian is the DNA of a missionary. Each of us can simply show up and be a Christian.

That’s really all there is to it.

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Daniel Rose

I am a pastor with the Antioch Movement. I am hopeful that the kingdom of God can expand in an organic and missional way in the local church. My journey includes an amazing bride, Amy, along with two kids, Ethan and Libby. Living life alongside of these three amazing people reminds me daily of the necessity of the subversive mission of my King and his Kingdom. I hold a Masters of Divinity from Michigan Theological Seminary. Before launching a church planting movement I served as Assistant Pastor at Grace Chapel in Farmington Hills, MI and with Cru.

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