I want to move on from the whole “alien, sojourner, exile” thing. But, I just can’t yet. It’s still weighing on me. I think it’s one of those things that we as Americans just don’t embrace well.

We have become comfortable in our position on top of the cultural food chain that we ignore the reality that everything has changed. We now live our lives in exile. Our faith is odd and weird to those around us. We are relics from a time gone by. Continue reading Exile

Aliens Are Real

I have spent the last two weeks on vacation. During that time I watched the world spin. I saw the culture war explode. I saw people writing and thinking and whining. I saw a lot of hand wringing and worry from my tribe.

There is great concern that we, Christians, are losing our rights and standing in the world. We are becoming a religious minority in a rising secular culture. The secularists are coming for us and relegating us to the sidelines.

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Give to Caesar

One of the things that continues to surface in conversations about our culture is that of the tax exempt status of churches and Christian institutions. Earlier this spring I was sitting at a dinner where a colleague was bemoaning this coming reality. Others around the table shared the concern. They were worried that this change would significantly decrease giving and put churches out of business.

They were also worried about the property taxes that many churches would have to pay on buildings if they lost their exemption. Most church buildings are on the best property in a town. The taxes on those locations would typically be significant. However, it was decided early on in our history as a nation that churches would be exempt from paying those taxes because of their communal good. To be sure, churches still provide very good things to the community within which they exist. They probably break even with their communities.

But why all this worry? Why all this fear?

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Love Your Neighbor

What does it look like to love your neighbor as yourself? No seriously, what does that mean? How do we do it? How can it be lived out? Is it even possible?

Ever since I became serious about following Jesus I have been struggling with this one question. I think it’s the hardest thing that we are asked to do as Jesus followers. This is especially true in our culture where we have been largely isolated by technology and we are largely experiencing the world through a curated media.

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Sunday Morning…

In the very near future my family will start doing something that I had never thought about doing. It’s an idea that my bride came up with and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. If you don’t know yet, my bride is the most brilliantest person I’ve ever known. Just recently, I wrote this about her:

My wife is one of the most brilliant and God following people I know. Her ability to live by faith in the face of difficult things leaves me speechless.

This idea of hers was sparked while being at our denomination’s General Assembly. It was one of the first things that we talked about when she got home from serving there.

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