Where Are You From?

The Hansen Report: Where Are You From? | Out of Ur | Conversations for Ministry Leaders.

This article is quality.  I think that the ramifications are huge for a congregation like the one that I am a part of.  We live in a suburban setting and there are tons of church choices.

This reality makes implementing change very difficult.  The reason for this is that instead engaging with the body in the midst of change the “I will go to that other church” card is played.  This also frees people from having to engage with the church when there are deficiencies.

When my wife and I moved back to the Detroit area we decided to choose a church and not shop for a church.  This meant that we never visited a different church.  We came to our church and stayed. No matter what.We believed that any weaknesses in the church were things that God had for us to step into there.

It makes me pretty sad and a little angry when people play the “we’ll just go to a different church” card.  If there is a weakness in your church stand in the gap, and be a solution.

This doesn’t happen, I think in part, because there has been a loss of catechism and a loss of commitment to the vows made in membership. I think this happens because people seem to think that the grass is greener.  I think this happens because people are unwilling to truly engage with the body of Christ.  I think this happens because in the end people are self-centered and unwilling to die to themselves.

One of my good friends, Jose, says “It’s time to Ride and Die”, indeed it is.

Mark Driscoll: 18 ‘obstacles to effective evangelism’

insight – Driscoll: 18 ‘obstacles to effective evangelism’. This article got me thinking about so many things. Some of it isn’t applicable in my situation becuase I am not in Australia and the last time the British influenced our country they were getting hineys kicked in the War of 1812 (or we were bailing them out because the Germans were kicking their cans).

All kidding aside, the article has some great points.  I struck particularly by the discussion on movements.  I wonder is our church or our ministry a movement? Are we telling the stories of God?  Or are we telling the stories of when God used to work?

Boy, I will tell you what, at one of the University’s that I work on we are seeing a movement come to life and it’s fun, scarey, and amazing. I can’t control it and yet they cry out for direction.

Where are we?  Where are you?

In honor of two weeks of political rhetoric…

Thanks Derek…

A Savior on Capitol Hill | [derekwebb.net]

I’m so tired of these mortal men

with their hands on their wallets and their hearts full of sin

scared of their enemies, scared of their friends

and always running for re-election

so come to DC if it be thy will

because we’ve never had a savior on Capitol Hill

you can always trust the devil or a politician

to be the devil or a politician

but beyond that friends you’d best beware

’cause at the Pentagon bar they’re an inseparable pair

and as long as the lobbyists are paying their bills

we’ll never have a savior on Capitol Hill


all of our problems gonna disappear

when we can whisper right in that President’s ear

he could walk right across the reflection pool

in his combat boots and ten thousand dollar suit

you can render unto Caesar everything that’s his

you can trust in his power to come to your defense

it’s the way of the world, the way of the gun

it’s the trading of an evil for a lesser one

so don’t hold your breath or your vote until

you think you’ve finally found a savior up on Capitol Hill

A Savior on Capitol Hill | [derekwebb.net].