Why Communion?


The Lord’s Supper.

The Eucharist.

This meal at the center of Christian worship goes by many different names. Yet, regardless of your tradition Communion is of utmost importance. Some congregations celebrate it weekly, others monthly, and still others less frequently. It begs the question, why communion? Why is this celebration central to the worship of God’s people? Why has it been of such importance? Continue reading Why Communion?

It’s The Same

It’s a Sunday morning and the road is winding and the sun is sparkling. The trees are glistening with a light frost on the red and gold leaves. We come around the bend and there is the church overlooking a beautifully serene lake.

This is one of my earliest memories. Continue reading It’s The Same

Moving Deck Chairs

There’s an old saying, “That’s like moving deck chairs on the Titanic.” The idea behind the saying is simple. Rearranging deck chairs is cosmetic, it doesn’t meet the real need, avoiding a giant iceberg.

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On Conversation

I have been thinking about the nature of conversations lately. With the political season ramping up and discussions about RFRA and other big issues hitting the spot light, it has me thinking about how we engage with those who are different from us.

What I’m seeing are two kinds of people. The first is the “belligerent tool”. The second is the “milksop doormat”. Both are unhelpful and neither really bring anything to the conversation.

There’s a third way. A better way.

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