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When Mom Moves Out
Nearly eighteen months ago our family did something crazy. CRAZY I TELL YOU! It was crazy if you asked anyone but the four of us living in this home. We invited my Mom, our kids Mimi, to come and stay with us. She is a retired teacher who has given [more]
To Be Kind
Have you ever had a friend come up to you and quietly say, "Hey man, you have a booger hanging out..."? When they do that you know you have a true friend. Why? Because they are kind. Kindness is something we want in our friends. We don't want niceness. A [more]
Are You Cut Enough?
One of the great joys that I have in my job is flexibility. This means that I get to drive my kids around to their stuff. I also get to take their friends with us. As a result, I am in on a lot of the conversations that they are [more]
Who Are You?
When my brothers and I were growing up we were felt like we were held to a different standard. We would complain to our mom or dad and say, "But Johnny can say/do/act etc..." or "But Johnny doesn't have to..." The response was always the same, "You don't [more]
Light Dawns in the Darkness
There are times when it seems like evil always wins. We read the news and see so much pain and suffering. It feels like bad things are always happening to good people. I find myself wondering when will we see the reverse? When will the good and the righteous finally [more]
Who is Your King?
There are few stories that capture my imagination in the Scriptures like that of 1 Samuel 8. It is here that the people of God turn away from God as their king. They demand a man to rule over them to be like the other nations. As they reject God [more]
Crooked Deep Down
There are times when I seriously cannot wrap my mind around the messiness of my own heart. It is so often exposed through the way I treat those I care most about. My wife, my kids, and my closest friends catch the brunt of it. It's ugly and not any [more]
Be Still
When my kids were little the they always seemed to be anxious. Have you noticed that? Little kids seem to always be squirming around. There were so many times that we would hold them close and whisper, "be still..." As we held them tight to our chests and whispered, they [more]
What I Use For Study
I wrote a bit the other day regarding my recent discovery of The Message in my devotional life. It's been a significant help for me in really connecting with God. That post garnered quite a bit of conversation. So much so, that I think a follow up is necessary. When [more]
Why I Read The Message
It wasn't long ago that I had a very elitist view of the Bible. I thought that people who were really serious about the Bible read the English Standard Version or the New American Standard Bible. These are two translations that are on the "literal" end of the translation process. [more]