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Meek? What the?
Jesus is famous for saying, "The meek shall inherit the earth." In Colossians 3, Paul says that the follower of Jesus must put on "meekness." What is it? Many think that meekness is the opposite of being a "matador" as Frank Underwood says,   But is that really what meekness [more]
You Boost So Hard
Over the last few months I have learned that the second greatest sin in my son's teenage world is to "boost" (here's the first great sin, I'm not saying these are my son's two great sins, but they are things that he and his friends judge one another for). There [more]
You’re Not Like That
Nearly every time I have conversation with someone who is not a Christian about the Christian faith they say something like, "You're not like other Christians." I take that as a complement. Although, recently it has begun to raise some questions in me. It seems like a lot of my [more]
I have been reading the poetry of Amy Carmichael recently. There's something about poetry that really grabs you in a different way than prose. It opens your emotions and your heart. For me it breaks me out of my intellectualism and gets my head out of the clouds and brings [more]
Exiles, Presidents, and Voters
Much like everyone else in the United States, I have been wrestling with what to do in November. There are many voices and competing claims. It often seems that there is little hope of making a good and wise decision. When it comes down to casting a vote it seems [more]
Dance Like Yo Daddy!
How do you simultaneously love your daughter well, embarrass her and yourself? EASY! Dance in the Dad's Dance at her studio in front of 100s. It was a ton of fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat. So, without further ado, here it is... DANCE LIKE YO [more]
When Mom Moves Out
Nearly eighteen months ago our family did something crazy. CRAZY I TELL YOU! It was crazy if you asked anyone but the four of us living in this home. We invited my Mom, our kids Mimi, to come and stay with us. She is a retired teacher who has given [more]
To Be Kind
Have you ever had a friend come up to you and quietly say, "Hey man, you have a booger hanging out..."? When they do that you know you have a true friend. Why? Because they are kind. Kindness is something we want in our friends. We don't want niceness. A [more]
Are You Cut Enough?
One of the great joys that I have in my job is flexibility. This means that I get to drive my kids around to their stuff. I also get to take their friends with us. As a result, I am in on a lot of the conversations that they are [more]