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If we're honest with ourselves one of the reasons that we don't participate or engage in "evangelism" or "discipleship" is because we don't think that transformation is possible. We have a "what's the point?" mentality. This person isn't going to change, so it doesn't matter. Incarnation –> Reputation –> Conversation –> Confrontation –> Transformation It doesn't have to be that way though. We can see change and transformation happen in the lives of people. As we practice incarnation (living into a place) and build a reputation, then we will have a platform for conversation. Conversation brings with it confrontation. If [more]
Confrontation Brings Change
That morning I woke up with a pit in my stomach. A ball of acid that wouldn't go anywhere. The drive to the office was a bit foggy. When I arrived, I tried as hard as I could to just go through my usual routine. Then my lunch appointment arrived and over the course of that conversation everything changed. Confrontation is not always very much fun. I don't know anyone that likes confrontation. There is something uncomfortable about it. Some confrontation is contentious. Some is friendly and constructive. But, even then, we don't like it very much. We don't like [more]
Have A Conversation, Be On Mission
When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone who is different from you? Most of the time our lives are filled with those who are just like us. Christians are called to be on mission. We are to be about proclaiming the excellencies of Jesus and we can not do that apart from conversation. Conversation is the third step of being on mission in this world. We begin by incarnating a space and build a reputation. As we do, then we will be able to have conversations. Incarnation –> Reputation –> Conversation –> Confrontation –> Transformation [more]
Be Known, Build A Reputation
When someone says your name, what comes to other people's minds? This is your reputation. Reputation is the second step of really living into a place. It is, in a sense, the legend of ourselves in our community. Incarnation –> Reputation –> Conversation –> Confrontation –> Transformation I remember a discussion that took place on Facebook a while back about "bi-vocational" ministry. One of my friends was arguing for it and another was arguing against it. I love what my friend Bryan wrote, "If I had been bi-vocational I would never have become the pastor of the Grand Traverse Commons." [more]
Live Into The Place
Over the last year or so I have been returning every once in a while to something that Hugh Halter said at Exponential in 2013. He was talking about sharing our faith and being in the world. His concept was simple: Incarnation --> Reputation --> Conversation --> Confrontation --> Transformation That's pretty straightforward stuff. Over the next few posts I am going to unpack each of these concepts. Today, we'll look at incarnation. Incarnation in the missional context is that act of "living into" a place. You show up and be at a place. In the late 90 [more]
Don’t Stop Keep Going!
As a Christian I am constantly tempted to quit. I want to walk away from it all and just have a "personal" relationship with Jesus. So many articles about what "Christians" think or do make me so sad and angry. Many people in my life who "go to church" are just mean. When I bump into them on Facebook or Twitter I am left aching in my heart and I want to walk away from all of it. I know in my head that I can't do that. Those feelings often times cause guilt and shame. And yet, they come [more]