Where Do We Go From Here?

I took this summer to think more and talk less. I did quite a bit of observing, watching, and listening. It was really helpful for me to simply be quiet. My natural posture is to speak. But, sometimes that needs to be tempered and set aside to listen and pay attention.

One of the things that I learned about myself this “offseason” is that I need a bit of structure. To that end, I’ll be structuring my writing here at The Rev.

  • Mondays - Mission: I’ll be writing on the mission of the people of God. This will be practical stuff for pastors and church planters. There will be some theory too, but I’ll be focusing more on the practical.
  • Tuesdays - Theology: I’ll be writing on theological topics, beginning with some posts on the Essentials of our denomination (The Evangelical Presbyterian Church).
  • Wednesday - Word: I’ll publish the passage of Scripture that I’m focusing on that week.
  • Thursdays - Off: Thursdays are when we record and publish the Simple Theologians podcast, Doubt on Tap After Show. So, I won’t be writing that day.
  • Fridays - Faith: On Fridays, I’ll write a reflection on a psalm or a reading from The Valley of Vision.

That’s where we’re going. I hope you’ll join me.