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To take seasons of quiet and silence are important.

Simply, observe the world around you. Try to set aside your ego and be present.

This is hard.

Really hard.

Over the last week or so, I have been trying to do this. What’s been beautiful about it is that I am seeing more of my tribe and what it is that is broke. I am seeing other tribes and their beauty. I am noticing my neighbor and the love I have for them.

In this too, I’m seeing my own selfishness, greed, and unloving actions.

I am also becoming aware of an inner rage that needs to be dealt with.

The ugly isn’t everything though, I’m seeing in myself some growth toward empathy, compassion, and the ability to let things go.

In the silence, I’m coming to grips with the absolute fact that Growth = Grace + Truth + Time.

The “Time” piece is the hardest. I want growth completed yesterday. I don’t want to wait or be patient. I am reminded that time needs to be given to all, including myself.