To Superintendent Sean McNatt and the Lincoln Board of Education:

Ethan and Coach McGoy

Update: On May 17th Coach McGoy was officially reinstated as the head coach of the Varsity baseball program. This was almost completely due to the overwhelming outpouring of support from the community.

Dear Superintendent McNatt and the Lincoln Consolidated Schools Board of Education,

Today I was informed by my son that our head baseball coach, EL McGoy, was suspended for the rest of the season.

I am shocked, dismayed, and appalled. The decision to relieve him of his duties is unjust in every way.

First, Coach McGoy is a man of honor, integrity, and character. He is the kind of man that I want my son to become. He has taught him the value of hard work and he has helped him grow as not only a baseball player, but a man.

After the game today, I watched as Ethan wept because he had lost a coach and mentor. Ethan has played for Coach McGoy for three years. He loves Ethan and Ethan loves him. Ethan cannot imagine playing for any other coach at Lincoln High School.

Second, the only reason Ethan is at Lincoln is because of the hiring of Coach McGoy. We were deeply concerned about the state of the baseball program as we were looking toward Ethan’s high school career. Four coaches in four years. It was nothing more than Little League. Lincoln was a laughingstock in the baseball world. When Coach McGoy was hired, we knew of his success in Detroit and we knew that Chris Westfall had made a fantastic hire. This has borne out over the last five years. Lincoln is now very competitive and this year’s team has multiple players that will be playing high level college baseball in the future.

Third, as I look to the future of the program, a program that now has approximately 60 boys engaged, it is bright. Elite talent is now choosing to STAY at Lincoln. Why? Because of Coach McGoy. His removal will set this program back years. There is already conversation of a potential players strike and many younger players are already discussing the possibility of transfer.

Fourth, I have heard the reasoning for his suspension, he said “bad words” after the boys gave away a 10-1 lead at Dexter. Supposedly, a Dexter parent made a complaint to the umpires, the Dexter staff, and others. Yet, the field umpire from our game today, May 15 was on that crew in Dexter last Friday. He stated unequivocally that no parent made a complaint to them. He went on to state that he saw nothing inappropriate from Coach McGoy. I was present at the game and saw nothing inappropriate. So, someone is lying, and I am sure it is the person with an axe to grind because their son is not getting the playing that they think he deserves.

Fifth, there was no due process. There was no investigation. In five minutes I discovered the lie of the “Dexter” parent report. There are no grounds for his suspension.

Finally, from the treatment that I have seen Coach McGoy endure this season from a small handful of Lincoln parents, I can only make the judgment that this is racially motivated. It saddens and disgusts that a few ignorant people are taking a good man from our sons. It saddens and disgusts me that he was suspended with no investigation and no due process. It saddens and disgusts me that it appears that our Superintendent and Board of Education are making decisions that not only hurt our sons but destroy the life of a good man.

I humbly request that you re-instate Coach McGoy immediately and with a public apology.

The Lincoln Consolidated Schools Community is better than this. I have to believe it is better than this. We cannot give into racism and we certainly cannot see it levied by the Superintendent.

Sincerely, Reverend Daniel M. Rose, M.Div The Antioch Movement