The Lions are 0–3, the Tigers are out of the playoffs, U of M is undefeated but it looks like they probably won’t win a Big Ten game, that can only mean one thing: Hockey. That’s right we are ten days away from the start of the NHL and most importantly the Red Wings. Last season was frustrating. But, in the end it was great.

It was great because…

  1. We found out that Jimmy Howard is the real deal.
  2. We found out that guys like Eaves, Miller, and Abdelkader can play with the big boys.
  3. We found out that Mike Babcock is a ridiculously good coach.
  4. We found out that the Swedes have heart.
  5. We found out that the leadership on this team will take them a long way.
  6. Hudler found out that he needed the Red Wings.
  7. Mike Modano didn’t win a Cup and will go for one here in Detroit.
  8. The Blackhawks won their championship and a real original six rivalry was reborn.
  9. The Penguins didn’t win the championship.
  10. It made us as fans thankful for the nearly 20 years of amazing hockey we have seen in the D.

The boys from Grand Rapids grew into men last year. The Wings have FIVE NHL caliber offensive lines. They are deep. They are hungry. They are fast.

The big questions I have:

  1. Can Franzen stay healthy?
  2. Will Kronwall become the defenseman everyone else know he can become?
  3. Will Datsyuk and Zetterberg each score 30+ goals?
  4. Will Modano set up the Happy Hudler for 20+ goals?

If these things happen then there will be a parade in the D and it will be Mayor Bing’s turn to buy the Vernors and Coneys!