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In this week's episode I discuss the role of grace in spiritual practice.

The key to spiritual growth

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash I am the oldest of three sons and I check just about every box on the “oldest child” list. Chief among them is that if I don't think I can do something perfect right away I usually won't even make the attempt. Do you know what's odd about that? I love to learn. There's something magical in learning something new. What I am coming to realize though is that when I say learn what I mean is gaining new information.

These two things are not equivalent.


A foundational tool for spiritual growth.

the circle

What if I told you that the most significant thing that I have learned about consistently growing in my faith is something as simple as a circle?


Introduction to Spiritual Practice

LoveWell Podcast

C.S. Lewis wrote, “Surely what a man does when he is taken off his guard is the best evidence for what sort of man he is.” Dan dives in and asks how do we prepare ourselves for being taken off guard? How do we become like Jesus and not just act like Jesus?

The Foundation of Spiritual Practice

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When we start talking about spiritual practice, spiritual growth, and the like some folks begin to sweat. They think that this necessarily means that there is something we are “adding” to our salvation. Some folks have a deep and abiding worry that somehow talk about spiritual practice necessarily leads to a works based Christianity.

The reality is that the opposite is true.


An Introduction to Spiritual Practice

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“Surely what a man does when he is taken off his guard is the best >evidence for what sort of man he is.” – C.S. Lewis

Do you find that quote to be relatively true? I do.

Actually, I not only find it to be true, it cuts me deep. As I think about that line it has me wondering, “How can I become the kind of person that does well when he's taken of guard?”


LoveWell Podcast

Dan wraps up his discussion on Romans in Romans 8:18-30. He talks about the reality that we can experience glory now by becoming more like Jesus. When we #LoveWell, it’s a little taste of heaven.

Four Gs: God is Gracious

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Grace, she takes the blame She covers the shame Removes the stain It could be her name


LoveWell Podcast

Dan spends some time unpacking Romans 8:1-17 and its connection to a Romans 12:3-8.

The Four Gs: God is Good

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What do you need to be satisfied? What do you need to be content?


What is it?

Do you need a new car? Those clothes? That house? This gadget? That person?

What do you need to be satisfied?


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