Dear Miguel,
I don’t know you. I have not ever met you. I have watched you play baseball every summer since your arrival in Detroit a few years ago. You may be the best baseball player I have ever seen. Every night before I go to bed I see your life sized poster hanging on Ethan’s, my nine year old son, bedroom door. 

You are his favorite player. 

He’s never met you either. 

Ethan and I cheer for you. We feel like we know you because you are in our home nearly every night from April through September (hopefully October too). Ethan wants to be a baseball player when he grows up and you are one of his heroes.

Today as I drove into work I heard on the radio about your DUI. My heart broke and my eyes filled with tears. I thought this is stupid, I don’t even know him. My heart is broken because I know that Ethan when he watches Sportscenter tonight or tomorrow will find out too. So, I know that he and I will have to talk about it. 

I know that he will experience heartbreak. 

I know he will cry. 

I know I will hold him. 

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be you. The pressure you must feel everyday has to be overwhelming. To live every single day in a bubble because you play a boy’s game better than anyone else has to be one of the most difficult things there is. I don’t want to pretend to understand. Because I don’t. 

I do want to say this, I am praying for you and Ethan will be too. Whether you know it or not you’re part of our family. You’re one of us, even though we’ve never met you. When you hurt, we hurt. 

Miguel, I hope that you will set aside baseball for a while and get the help you need. I hope that some day soon Ethan and I will be able to watch you play baseball again. We will be praying and asking that God will heal your brokenness and that he will break the addiction to alcohol. 

My hope is that you will realize that you cannot do this on your own. My hope is that you will realize that you are not invincible and that you need other people to come alongside you and care for you. Let them help. I also hope that you will realize that there is great grace, mercy, and community available to you in relationship with Jesus if you will repent and seek the forgiveness he offers.

Ethan and I will be praying and waiting. 

Ethan’s Dad