This morning as I watched my Facebook and Twitter feeds fill up with what people were giving up for Lent a thought struck me. It was simple and profoundly un-original. 

I began thinking about what Jesus did during those last forty days. The Scriptures don’t really give us a blow by blow. However, I think what we see is that Jesus did not give things up. Jesus drew closer to his disciples. He spent more time with them. 

All this was in preparation for his death. We know now that he lives. Death could not keep him. 

So, I think for Lent instead of giving up something, we ought to think about picking up something. Why not take the next forty days and draw close to Jesus? What would it look like if we did this? What if, for the next forty days we spent time in prayer, study, and community? 

Oh, wait…it turns out that is exactly what Lent is supposed to be about. It’s not about giving up candy, coffee, or pop. It’s about taking a season of our lives each year to significantly focus our attention, to twist our thoughts to Jesus. 

For forty days will you focus? Will you join me in doing the Lenten Twist (I know it’s cheesy, but hey, I like cheese)?

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