It’s Me, Not You

    I told Amy last night that I was taking a break from Facebook. I will drop links and such onto my account because there are things that are linked to Facebook but, I won’t really be there. I love Facebook Messenger and the ability it provides to communicate easily with people who I can’t text. I really dig our neighborhood Facebook group, so I will check in on those.

    But, the app is off my phone and tablet. I removed the quick link from Chrome.

    A friend asked why?

    It’s me. Not you.

    One of the things I noticed happening in me this weekend was how quickly annoyed I became whenever I bounced into Facebook. I reflected a lot during the day on Sunday about this (I vacuumed the house so I could just check out to think and pray) and I realized that the problem is my own heart.

    Ever since launching the Antioch Movement there have been these moments when we experience these little frustrations that seem to create more frustration than needed. They create in me an edge or angst. Stress is part of it. Being tired is part of it. I think some emptiness is part of it.

    I need to be able to love people really well. I need to have my love reservoirs full and I am finding that Facebook depletes those. I know that sounds really weird. But it’s true.

    Like I said, it’s me, not you.

    So, if I don’t respond to your post on my wall, don’t be offended, I just didn’t see it. If your comment on that article posted goes unliked, it’s OK, remember it’s me not you. I am off to engage elsewhere where there’s a bit more flesh and blood and a bit less 1’s and 0’s.

    Don’t worry cute pictures of the Beast and Princess will still come through thanks to Instagram, stuff I’m reading will find its way there through Feedly, and Foursquare will probably help you find me.

    I will be writing over at http://theantiochmovement.org and here at http://media.danielmrose.com.

    But, it’s time for me to take a break. We’ll see what happens in a month. Enjoy this from an album I am enjoying today, this son in particular nearly had me in tears in the coffee shop: http://youtu.be/l3YFmpSFJ40

    So my Facebook friends, remember: It’s me, not you.

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