Romans 2:17-29

Photo that reads if you're reading this it is time for change by hay s on Unsplash

“You can get by with almost anything if you front it with eloquent talk about God and his law.”

This passage in Romans is one that I think about often. I have come to the conclusion that for those of us Christians in the United States, particularly, should likely find our parallels with the Jewish people that Paul addresses more so than the Gentiles. Why? Because we are the people who have largely grown up with the Bible and religion and God-talk.

When I read myself as the religious person in Romans 2, I can almost hear the record scratch.

Over the years I have become an expert at God-talk. I read and study the Bible. I read and study theology. It is what I do. As a result, there is a constant temptation to simply God-wash anything I want.

Particularly in today's cultural milieu if I simply use the right words and phrases I could get away with just about anything.

Our Christian culture cares so much more about words than it does about the content of our character. I recently saw a quote from a famous pastor that said, in effect, all that matters is our words. Say the right words and how you live your life doesn't matter.

As I reflect today on my life I am struck by how flippantly I have used phrases that God-wash actions and ideas that I want to be true or OK.

Here's the question I'm meditating on today, “Is God's word changing me from the inside or am I using God's word to keep me from changing?”


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