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Ethan and Coach McGoy

Update: On May 17th Coach McGoy was officially reinstated as the head coach of the Varsity baseball program. This was almost completely due to the overwhelming outpouring of support from the community.


LoveWell Podcast

This week I grew frustrated with the “my faith is ridiculed” crowd. The “persecution complex” of the American Christian has gotten to a point where I felt like it needed to be addressed.

For those of you who don’t or can’t listen to podcasts, I am working on finding a transcription solution.

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Anytime I watch live TV I’m struck by the vast numbers of retirement commercials. They run constantly. It is non-stop. It seems like every other commercial is trying to make sure you will live comfortably in your retirement. The amassing of personal wealth for retirement seems to be the goal of every American.


We like one another.

I remember when it hit me. That moment in time when I knew I was going to marry Amy. Something had switched from being in love with the idea of love to knowing that she was the one. There is no other that shines so bright in my universe.


Wheat Field

I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a kid, I watched the cartoons on Saturdays and after school, I bought comic books, I even collected (and played with) action figures. Yup, I dig the whole thing. The movies are enjoyable and very entertaining. Do you know what else? They ask some really hard questions.


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There’s the famous story about the boy walking the beach covered in starfish. He was stopping and throwing them back into the water. An old man walked up to him and said, “Son, there are thousands of starfish. You can’t possibly save them all.” The little boy replied, “But sir, I can save this one and that matters.”

It’s a story that we hear and often roll our eyes at. It sounds so nice. But we all know that the boy is just being silly. I mean, seriously, what a waste of time. Right?


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I'm a pastor. I invite people to follow Jesus. It's my vocation, calling, and passion. Before becoming a pastor, I was a missionary on the college campus. I invited people to follow Jesus. There is nothing I want more than people to follow Jesus.


We live in a time where everyone talks about “community.”

“Community” this. “Community” that. “Community” “Community” “Community”

I have a secret to tell you.

A lot of people who are throwing around this word, “community,” have zero idea what it means or how it is supposed to work itself out in real life.

True community requires a few things.

Just like Vizzini from the Princess Bride, I have a feeling people don't really know what community means.


Instead of either/or let's be both/and!

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I wrote yesterday about problems. Problems with he building centric model of being church and problems with the neighborhood missional approach to being the church.

It's so very easy to point out problems.

The hard part is coming up with some solutions.


Or “Why Missional Neighborhood Congregations Aren't Perfect”

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I often write and speak about how beautiful my congregation is. The truth of the matter is that I do love it, I love every messy thing about living life with the people who are in my congregation. There is nothing that I would rather do than be our neighborhood pastor.

It is life.


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