Christmas Questions…

    Two questions are left with me from this weekend. First, do I have room in my life for a baby in a cave or a rambunctious three year old? Second, will I Christmas all year or will I forget until next year?

    Once Upon A Time…

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rga4rp4j5TY?wmode=transparent] via youtube.com Fairy Tales which are glimpses into our cultural psyche. They paint pictures of deeper bits of reality. ABC’s Once Upon a Time paints an interesting picture: The town of Storybrooke is under a curse. The people there do not know who they really are because of the curse. There is one woman and a little boy who know the truth. The woman, the Evil Queen is doing everything in her power to conceal the truth.

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    The Young, Restless, and Re…uh…formed…

    At the end of every year people write their evaluation blog posts. Kevin DeYoung has produced his where he critiques the Young, Resltess, and Reformed (YRR) “movement”. I want to take a moment and give my own critique. I would encourage you to read his post to get a bit of background and also take note of his helpful suggestions. I think Kevin is correct in his critiques. I would however add one and that is of dogmatic clarity.

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    I Know Him!

    There aren’t many Christmas movies as good as Elf. It’s hilarious and it is also poignant. Like most other Christmas movies related to Santa Claus the issue at the center is belief, or the lack thereof. One of the best moments is when Buddy finds ou that Santa is coming to the Mall… [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jyCfRHumHU?wmode=transparent] This scene has been in my mind for a few days now. I keep thinking about it’s illustrative purposes for me as a follower of Jesus.

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    Is the Grass Greener? An Exposition of Revelation 8:6–9:21

    Grace111218reduced.mp3 Listen on Posterous Here’s a link to the text: http://bible.us/Rev8.6.ESV Here’s a nifty way to understand the letter of Revelation in a big picture: http://prezi.com/bin/preziloader.swfRevelation on Prezi

    Traditions Passed On

    See the full gallery on Posterous Christmas is about telling stories and sharing traditions. I love hearing the Bride share stories with the Princess as she passes on the traditional sugar cookie baking. It is absolutely beautiful!

    Shootings at Ferndale and VT — What’s wrong with the world?

    The picture is from the front page of the Detroit News website. Two shootings, one day, two different parts of the country. The question that I see in my Twitter feed is simple: What’s wrong with the world? The answer to that question is simple too: We live in a sin soaked world that is broken. Does that answer sound trite? It’s not. You see living in a sin soaked world means that we should be surprised when good things and not the bad.

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    If you know a girl then you need to see this.

    I am a Daddy of a Princess. She is the apple of my eye. I love her desperately and want more than anything to protect her and keep her from crying. When I look around the world and see the standard of beauty that she is expected to live up to it makes me sick. Below is a great video that gives significant wisdom and insight. If you know a female of the species, you should watch it.

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    Suffering 099…

    In our community at Grace Chapel we are currently studying through the Revelation of John. It’s a fascinating letter that challenges believers to remain faithful and true to the gospel until Jesus returns. A significant piece of the message is that the follower of Jesus will experience suffering. Life will not be all roses and puppies. I have experienced suffering only as a child. My parents divorced when I was nine and that was painful.

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    I’m invisible. Can’t you see me? I want you to see ME! A Fringe Reflection.

    There are few shows that speak to the human condition as regularly and poignantly as Fox Television’s Fringe. The most recent episode, “Wallflower” is a parable on the human need to be known. Spoiler Alert — If you have DVR’ed the episode stop reading and come back. The Fringe team has to investigate mounting murders around Boston. Murders that are apparently being done by an invisible man. They find that there is a man, Eugene, who has a rare genetic disorder that has made him invisible.

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    The Glory of God in the Face of Christ — Revelation 6

    This is a recent sermon I gave on Revelation 6. Grace_111120_reduced.mp3 Listen on Posterous


    It’s crazy when you begin to self reflect. I don’t recommend it. It’s not very much fun. You begin to grab hold of some things that you take for granted or take lightly and find that you need to change. I love change. I love changing other things. I hate changing me. Do you want to hear a confession? I truly enjoy social media. One night I was a Tigers playoff game and bantering back and forth with a number of friends on Twitter.

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    You Wanna Tip?

    This is an image from an article that just hit my news stream and I am sure that it will begin to pop up in more and more places. It’s one of those that picks up steam. It’s embarrasing and frustrating. It begs a bigger a question… What is the gospel? Scot McKnight has done a great job exploding the Gospel myth that he refers to as “The Plan of Salvation”.

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    He’s Coming!

    See the full gallery on Posterous Part of the traditional hanging of the ornaments in our home includes Amy telling the story of each ornament. The first ornament hung is always the same. It’s hung in honor of my Mimi. Her legacy will always live because her story will always be told. Over the course of the next four weeks we will be telling the story of another. He is the one who would come and culminate all the stories of all the world.

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    Leadership As Influence | Catalyst

    contentLeadership As InfluenceBy Charles LeeLeadership is often defined as influence.In my opinion, everyone possesses the ability to “influence” or lead others in the general sense of the word, but not everyone is a leader (i.e., someone who functions in a publicly recognized role of guiding and/or influencing others). There are numerous individuals who influence the lives of many and yet don’t function well once given a key role of leadership in an organization and/or company.

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    An Expedition…

    Over the last few days I have been interacting with folks about a great many things. Something that has struck me is the cavalier attitude toward doctrine. Many of us no longer seem to think that doctrine matters. We say things like, “I am not a theologian, but…” Here’s the reality: doctrine does matter. What we believe matters. It matters big time. When hardship and conflict come it is what we believe that will determine how we respond.

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    What’s Worse? (Part 2)

    In our previous post we saw how Jesus engaged the world. He entered in and sought to transform the culture within which he lived. He did so with passion, without regret, and in perfect holiness. He did so to the point that he was called a “drunkard” and a “glutton”. This is our model. How do we apply it? The first question that I hear murmuring is, “He was God. It’s different isn’t it?

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    The Power of Being Great

    Last night I realized why it is going to be very difficult for the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup. Jimmy Howard is a very good goalie. However, when going against an elite goaltender there will be a significant difference in the way the game is.called. The whistles for Luongo were quicker and that made all the difference. The Wings lost last night and it was because the whistles were just a little to slow on one end and a little to fast on the other.

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    What’s Worse (Part 1)?

    As we near the end of this discussion on engaging culture a few concluding points need to be made. Primarily we need to discuss which is worse, sinful thematic elements, or subtle deconstructions of worldview. This is something that we struggle to figure out on a principled level in every aspect of our lives as Christians. For us to get our minds around this reality we must first look at the life of Jesus to give us a glimpse of how we ought to live.

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    Observations on the Conversation

    There have been a few (and by a few, I mean more than you can shake a stick at) posts by people responding to a book by a Christian famous pastor and author. It’s reaching epidemic proportions. Almost to the point of being annoying. I am not going to write about the pastor or the book (I haven’t read it, actually it was sold out at my local bookstore, so I couldn’t buy it).

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    Fab Five

    I just watched the Fab Five. I cannot even begin to express the number of emotions it brought up in me. So weird. I remember where I was when Webber called the timeout. It was the first time I had been to a sports bar, we were in Milford at my Dad’s and it was this little joint out on Milford Road. There was dead silence. With the exception of the one UNC fan.

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    Garden State: Good or Bad?

    In our second to last post exploring how to engage with culture we will be evaluating the film Garden State . Remember the four key questions that we use in our evaluation: What does this tell us about God?What does this tell us about man?What does this tell us about man’s greatest problem?What does this propose for the solution to man’s greatest problem?From here we would then compare those answers to the Biblical worldview.

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    A UM Fan Not Happy About Jim Tressel

    I am a pretty big University of Michigan sports fan. I enjoy it when that school down South loses and I hope that they are the first number one seed to lose to a sixteen seed in the NCAA tournament. I like it when they mess up in big games and lose their Bowl games. I really do. Today we learned that Jim Tressel would be suspended for two games and fined a good deal of money for lying to the NCAA (these were OSU’s penalties, more may be coming from the NCAA).

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    Do the Lenten Twist

    This morning as I watched my Facebook and Twitter feeds fill up with what people were giving up for Lent a thought struck me. It was simple and profoundly un-original. I began thinking about what Jesus did during those last forty days. The Scriptures don’t really give us a blow by blow. However, I think what we see is that Jesus did not give things up. Jesus drew closer to his disciples.

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    The Lion King: A Wolf

    In my previous post I suggested a method for evaluating culture. We are going to begin with an evaluation of the beloved Disney film, The Lion King . Evaluation The first question is, “What does this communicate about God?” The Lion King communicates very little about God. Actually, there is no sense of the divine. New Age philosophy is rampant where the created order is governed by the “circle of life”.

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